Kenneth Louis Fletcher

Born in Ditsum on June 24 1921

Died in Ditsum on March 2 2011


In the near future it is unlikely that anyone will pass their entire life in a small village in rural England.� Ken Fletcher was born on Higher Street, Dittisham in June 1921 and he� died on The Level, Dittisham in March 2011.� He did not quite make 90 years.� Ken went to the village school leaving at 14 years of age to go and work at Blackness Farm, East Cornworthy.� In the second world war he was in the Home Guard and met Marian who was a Land Girl.� They were married for 64 years.� Like his father and grandfather before him Ken had a license to fish salmon and this and gardening were his delights. The service sheet at the funeral held in St George�s Church Dittisham was simplicity itself with a delicately pale photograph of the River Dart, the poem printed below written by Karen and Julie two of his twelve grandchildren and on the back there was a photograph of a pair of wellies and a garden fork with the words� ��he walked on earth and left footprints in our hearts��� The people of Dittisham held Ken in great respect.� He represented something rare in our hurried lives.� A man at peace with himself and� his surroundings.� His family are right to be proud of being� part of his heritage.



His time spent in the orchard

And on the river, too

He caught the jumping salmon

And also grew the food


Now the sun has set

And darkness is here.

Although he�s not with us

We have nothing to fear.


After nightfall it�s the morning,

The darkness we feel will cease.

Afterlife�s cares and sorrows,

The comfort of sweetness and peace


So we will not say in grief,

For he is no more.

But live our lives in thankfulness

With each memory our hearts soar